Monday, June 22, 2009

A Gaggle of Updates

Well, hello. It's been an entire winter (and spring) since I posted any news. I've been hoarding it, I suppose, but now, here it is, all the news you've ever wanted, all at once.
First off, I now have an comic strip etiquette column that runs once a month in the Philadelphia Inquirer, called "Barnyard Etiquette." It stars Andy "Rude"ster (seen on the right) as the chief advice giver, and features a rotating cast of guest stars, who supply some words of wisdom, along with a steady stream of (bad) puns. In the past five months, the column has covered such topics as the etiquette of friending your boss on Facebook, asking a friend to stop sending mass emails, and whether or not it's ok to talk on your cell phone in a public bathroom stall (for the record- it's not.) If you have any etiquette questions you think need to be answered in 5 panels or less, send them my way- maidenhousefly(at)gmail(dot)com.
Sorry to say, so far, writing this column has not improved my manners, my posture, nor how often I leave dishes in the sink.
Here's a link to the first column, and a little intro written by my editor.

Next in the world of advice giving- this book, Split in Two: Keeping it Together When Your Parents Live Apart came out a few months ago. It's a quirky guide for teenagers on navigating between two households when your parents divorce. I did comic strip style illustrations, all about the hassles of living in two houses.

Also, there are two new anthologies that I have work in. One is I Saw You, featuring comics inspired by craigslist missed connections ads, edited by Julia Wertz. My three page comic has boobs in it. And a bank. Also, some dollar signs. It's a good book, featuring many wonderful cartoonists, and you should check it out.

Then there is this brand new, hot off the press book- Ghost Comics, edited by Ed Choy Moorman. It's another Xeric Winner (yahoo!) and all the proceeds go to benefit R.S. Eden, a substance abuse facility in Minneapolis. All the comics inside are about well, ghosts...and it includes work by many lovely cartoonists, like Lucy Knisley and Maris Wicks. I have an 8 pager about ghosts that may or may not have haunted my dorm hall freshman year at RISD. You can find a copy for sale here.

Also, I have a new 44 page mini comic that will go up on my website in a week or so. I'm probably forgetting something, but that's it for now. Later, toots!

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