Friday, October 10, 2008

ALASKA is here!

So, my book, the one about Alaska, the one I've been talking about for like a year and a half, (the one that used to be a shorter mini titled "I Lived in Alaska") is here! In its new incarnation, My Alaskan Summer is completely redrawn, and has about 40 pages of new material.
This is the story of the summer I spent living and working in Alaska with Sam right after graduating from RISD. It's all about making beds, bein' a maid, exploring the myths of the last frontier, and looking for adventure.
It has been published with the generous help of the Xeric grant, and was printed with Westcan printing in Canada, who was an absolute breeze to work with.

Read one of the first reviews here.
Copies are available for purchase in the shop.

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