Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shortpants Observer #1 is out!

The Shortpants Observer is a beautiful new anthology put together by my friends over at Shortpants Press. It features 72 pages of work by four Chicago based cartoonists- Anya Davidson, Becca Taylor, Jeremy Tinder, and myself. ( I don't know why it still feels strange to me to be included in a group of Chicago cartoonists. I guess I'll always be a Jersey girl at heart.)

My story is 16 pages, two color, entitled "Four Short Comics About Death." This comic covers hot topics such as fear-of-death, sport loving hamsters, killing plants and revenge-seeking unicorns. It's the first thing I've published in color, and I'm pretty excited about it.
The people at Shortpants truly did a beautiful job putting this together, and I'm sure this will be only the first of any wonderful issues. So, you should look at it, and tell people about it, and remember to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but not enough to kill you. I'll have copies with me at SPX in October and APE in November, or you can buy your very own copy here.

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nfoster19 said...

Way to go! I just ordered a copy. All is well. Life is beautiful! We just returned from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona! It was hot in Phoenix. I saw Evan at a graduation party for Ken Fowser. Miss you. I have 150 art students this fall. I will be teaching six classes with 24 in each class, and have a freshman homeroom. Our numbers have never been this high. Art is now a required subject.